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When will my income be paid to me?

We will send a statement detailing the breakdown of bookings you’ve had in your holiday home, and your letting income is added to your Owner Account based on the below schedule:

On or before 2nd December 2024

We will credit your Owner Account for any bookings with an arrival date before 11th November 2024 and we will offset any outstanding rates, utilities and the 2025 pitch fee against your Owner Income.*

On or before 16th January 2025

We will credit your Owner Account for any bookings between 11th November 2024 and 3rd January 2025 (including festive bookings). If, after debiting your 2025 pitch fee, and paying any other debt owed to us on your Owner Account, you are in credit, then we will pay you the balance or write to you with payment options for the amount due if there is an amount owed to us. To enable us to repay you any outstanding balance, please complete and return to us the Payment Information Request Form.

You may find that your income covers your pitch fee, but of course, it does depend on the number of weeks you agree to let your holiday home for and when.

*Unless you have notified us that you are terminating your pitch licence agreement and will be removing your holiday home from the park before the start of the 2025 season.